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Granite is one of the most resistant products on the market and does not require special care for its maintenance. We carry out custom work, manufacture and install stairs, columns, fireplaces, kitchen countertops, shelves and living room tables, etc. in this material. We also make granite flooring, mainly its use is usually good for flooring and cladding portals or for cladding facades.





azul noche

Blue Night

blanco artico

arctic white



blanco colonial

colonial white

All kinds of granite work

At Mármoles Cividanes we carry out all kinds of granite work.
  • Architecture: We have experience in large-scale works and urban furniture: fountains, stairs, facades, floors...
  • Funeral Art: tombs, tombstones, pantheons, sculptures, bas-reliefs, laser engravings, heraldic shields, etc.
  • Granite Countertops for Kitchen and Bath: with the most up-to-date finishes: lowered planes, anti-drip edges, sinks under countertops...
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